Welcome to my New Website!

Isn't is pretty?

Welcome to my New Website!

That's right! I thought it was about time I moved away from Tumblr and launched a spanking new website that I could personalise and put everything I'm working on in one space - an actual website, an actual place to BLOG!

I used to blog a fair bit, but then jumped ship when HELLO! asked me to be one of their contributors. I decided to put my energy into posting there so that everything could be in one spot. Sadly, after almost four years of posting on their site they decided to cancel their external voices. Sites evolve so I wasn’t too upset, but I have found myself with many thoughts in my head and nowhere to put them – whether they’re about what me and the family have been up to at home or something exciting I’ve been working on. I’ve missed writing down my thoughts as it feels quite therapeutic getting them out of my head, so my blog has been reborn on this website.

There’s so much going on at the moment. The boys are growing up far too quickly (Buzz starts school in September, while Buddy is obsessed with the word boobies), the first Eve of Man book is finally out (I will talk about this some more as we’re currently working on the second book in the trilogy), series three of Happy Mum, Happy Baby: The Podcast has started (we kicked off last week with the incredible Ore Oduba) and I’m growing another little human (I’m finally getting to the end of my to-do list). There’s going to be lots to talk about, and I’m thrilled that Instagram posts, YouTube videos and podcasts are all going to be finding their way here too. It’s all going to have one home and be nicely organised for you to scroll through.

I want this to be an extension of everything else I do online, making people feel supported and uplifted in a time when they might feel alone… that’s the plan and I’d love you to help me.

Big love,

Gi. Xx