Baby Loss Awareness Week and the Attitude awards

Baby Loss Awareness Week and the Attitude awards

Last week was Baby Loss Awareness Week, with the focus on honouring those babies who are sadly no longer with us and raising awareness for the charities that support bereaved families across the UK. At the start of the week I went along to Facebook HQ in London to an event Clemmie Telford was hosting with Tommy’s – a charity I’ve been supporting for a while. I was happy to find a whole host of wonderful mums I’ve been speaking to online were also there. I had a great time catching up with the faces that regularly fill up my Instagram feed and get in a few cuddles. We’d been gathered by Tommy’s so they could share the findings of some leading medical research. Unfortunately I can’t say anything more about it as it’s under embargo, but please follow the charity online so that you can find out their findings in the next month or so. I’ll be sharing more as soon as I’m allowed to.

It was great to see people talking about baby loss last week, but let’s keep the conversation going. Let’s not have mothers and fathers going through the emptiness alone when their hopes and dreams have been shattered. Let’s learn how to talk about the grief and how to keep the spirit of those special little souls alive.

On a slightly different note, I went to the Attitude awards last week. I was blown away by the heartfelt speeches from the winners that talked about how individuals found strength within the LGBT community. There was lots of laughter (Amanda Holden’s acceptance speech for her honorary gay award was hilarious), but also several moments in which I found myself quite chocked up and thinking about my own children, hoping they’ll always feel able to be themselves without fear of judgement or being cut off from those they love. As with baby loss awareness week, I feel we only really start learning about the experiences of others when people start talking. I’m all ears and ready to listen!

Baby Loss Awareness Week and the Attitude awards

This weekend I also hosted a Q&A for CoppaFeel! as part FestiFeel, their festival held at House of Vans. Kris Hallenga and Fearne Cotton pulled off another epic event to raise more money and awareness for the charity and I was honoured to take part.

Baby Loss Awareness Week and the Attitude awards Baby Loss Awareness Week and the Attitude awards

Elsewhere my next book SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL is completely finished and ready for publication day on the 16th of next month. It’s been a busy couple of weeks with me seeing lots of the mates I’ve not seen in months and doing all the things I should’ve been doing while I was beavering away at my desk. To be honest though, I need to maintain being busy for a little while. Suddenly stopping seems too daunting a prospect. Slowing the pace seems much more manageable! As a side note – signed copies of the book are currently available from Waterstones. They’re also holding a competition to win a trip to Winter Wonderland with me!!

Right, I’m off for an EARLY NIGHT! Lights out before 11pm… heaven!

Big love!

Gi. Xx