We weren't planning to get pregnant quite so soon...

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We weren't planning to get pregnant quite so soon...

Yes, I’m currently pregnant with our third child and we’re all super-excited to be welcoming our new arrival later in the year. Having more children was always an idea Tom and I toyed over, and a subject we talked about a lot. I do sometimes wonder if those conversations were prompted by the inquisitive nature of others – it seems as soon as you have one child everyone wants to know when you’re having the next!

I always knew I wanted more mini Fletchers at some point, but Tom needed a little more encouraging. For us, the big question was when. When would be the right time to expand our brood when we’re both already so busy? To start with,
I thought the sooner, the better. That way, all the children can grow up together – just like I did with my siblings. But, as the diary for the year got fuller and fuller, and plans for the next few years began to take shape, we decided it might be best to wait a couple of years. And having gone through fertility troubles in the past, I’ve always been aware of how lucky I would be to fall pregnant at anytime… And it’s just as well I have that attitude, because that positive pregnancy result came as quite a shock!

Tom was instantly beside himself with happiness and, if I’m truly honest, it couldn’t have come at a better time for me. Yes, I’ve had to juggle things around, change my mind about certain projects and hold off on others, but it’s made me stop and reevaluate how I’m doing with all those spinning plates and flying balls. It’s forced me to pause and reflect on whether I’m happy with all
the choices I’m currently making, and whether I’ll regret anything. One of my guests on my podcast recently told me that she thinks she subconsciously
fell pregnant whenever her life/home balance needed re-addressing. And do you know what? Right now, I’m thinking the same thing. The truth is, I’m a workaholic and love everything
that I do – and I do just need to
slow things down a little.

It’s been an emotional ride, making the decision to take my foot off the gas. And my pregnancy hormones have made it all the more fraught – they have been
wild this time round! I’ve always been a crier, and being a mum
has amplified that but, early on
in this pregnancy, anything could tip me over the edge. That’s
mostly subsided now, although best not to jinx it…

Elsewhere on the symptoms front, I’ve had terribly dry hands to the point that skin is flaking off and quite raw (I know, totally gross), I’ve felt bloated (that’s starting to get better), and I’m having regular headaches (I’m using them as a reminder to drink more water and stay hydrated). And, just like when
I was pregnant with Buddy, I feel sick if I’m on my phone in a car.
But, while that means I don’t get
to use journeys to catch up on emails, plan the next writing project or mindlessly scroll through Instagram, it does mean I haven’t got a choice but to slow down
and switch off. I’ve found that the sickness isn’t set off by reading actual books, so now I get guilt-free chill time, instead. Hurrah!

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