Our big family holiday!

I was meant to write this while we were away...

Our big family holiday!

I was meant to write this while we were away but was enjoying the break too much. Then it’s been nonstop since we got back – HOWEVER, Buddy’s new habit is waking up half way through his nap. As soon as we go into his room he snuggles into our arms and falls asleep, although wakes any time we try to leave… so here I am with an hour to spare. I thought I’d make the most of it and write a blog post.

A few months ago Villa Plus got in touch and asked to work with me. They wanted me to stay in one of their villas and make a video of my time there. Well, I’m not one to say no to such an offer (I don’t know anyone who would), so I extended the invite to my sister Giorgie, her husband Lee and daughter Summer Rae, and my brother Mario and his fiancée Becky. We picked a villa in Crete and flew out there last week.

It was actually the first sibling holiday we’ve had away from Mum and Dad, and you could tell that was the case thanks to the mountain of floatables we collected. We had so many.

I’ve never stayed in a villa before, but I completely see the appeal now. For us it was great to be able to put the kids in their room for nap or bedtime, pop the monitor on, and then go and either chill out by the pool or make the most of the evenings with us all sitting around to drink, talk and play UNO (officially the best game ever). Usually when I’m away with Tom and the boys we’re all in one hotel room, meaning we have an early dinner together, then, once the boys are asleep, we sit silently on our bed watching a film on the computer with headphones and a headphone splitter (best invention ever!). Obviously nights like these are still great as we’re chilling out, but it was nice to do something different. Plus, it was great being with family. We always have such a laugh together. It’s blooming hilarious.

The best things about the trip has to be seeing Buzz and Buddy with Miss Summer Rae. They’re so loving with her. And they all find each other so entertaining. I can’t wait to see the bond between them grow even more as they get older.

Also this week, I was DELIGHTED to be asked on Emma Gannon’s podcast. Emma is such a wonderful human being. I’ve loved listening to her episodes, and hers is actually the first podcast I ever listened to. I became obsessed pretty quickly. It’s funny how listening in on a conversation can make you feel like you’re part of one – which is important when you spend so much time, as I do, working on my own and not going out and socialising. I feel enlightened after each episode, so it was a real honour to be asked on there.

Ooh, he’s stirring.

Big love to you all!

I’ll be back soon!